Compact Exterior Nature Wood

DEBO® HUWAl-HPL® Compact Exterior Nature Wood combines the texture of solid wood veneer with Compact HPL process, made under high temperature and pressure. With the premium UV resistant film, it brings the special touch of solid wood grain and also solves the problems of fading, cracking and mildewing of wood finishes in outdoor environment. DEBO® HUWAl-HPL® Compact Exterior Nature Wood gives the texture of solid wood to the exterior walls of buildings. Making the building more elegant and attractive.

Innovative Surface Material
Nature Wood

DEBO® introduces this material in 2023, replacing the conventional Compact Laminate core with melamine color paper and using solid wood veneer on the Compact Laminate surface to create a unique performance board. Various wood grain colors from nature can give full play to their characteristics and meet the needs of architects for exterior wood grain design.







Test report

Material properties

Density weight

≥1350 kg/m³ (ISO1183)

Flexural strength

≥100 Mpa (EN438)

Modulus of elasticity

≥10000 Mpa (EN438)

Tensile strength

≥70 Mpa (EN438)

Scratch resistance

Rating ≥3 (EN438)

Resistance to crazing

Rating ≥4 (EN438)

Abrasion testing

1000 cycles (GB/T7911-2013)

Thermal conductivity

0.23 W/mK (EN438)

Resistance to fixings

8mm: ≥ 3000 N
6mm: ≥ 2000 N

Resistance to impact by large diameter ball

> Indentation diameter -6  t mm
with drop height 1.8 m

≤ 10 mm (EN438-2:21)

Dimensional stability at elevated temperature

> Cumulative dimensional change

≤ 0.25 % Longitudinal
≤ 0.25 % Transversal

Resistance to climate shock

> Flexural strength index

≥ 0.80 Ds (EN438-2:19)

> Flexural modulus index

≥ 0.80 Dm (EN438-2:19)

> Appearance

Rating ≥ 4 (EN438-2:19)

Resistance to SO2

> Contrast

Rating ≥ 4 (DIN50018)

> Appearance

Rating ≥ 4 (DIN50018)

Physical properties

Density weight

≥1350 kg/m³ (ISO1183)

> Thickness 6mm

8.7 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 8mm

11.6 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 10mm

14.5 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 12mm

17.5 kg/m² (ISO1183)

Dimensional tolerances


8.0 ≤ t < 12.0mm: ±0.50mm

mm (max), T=nominal thickness


≤ 2 mm/m (EN438-2:9)

Length & width

+5/-0 mm/m (EN438-2:6)

Straightness of edges

≤ 1 mm/m (EN438-2:7)

Sports, dirt, similar surface defects

≤ 2 mm²/m² (EN438-2:4)

Fibres, hairs & scratches

≤ 20 mm/m² (EN438-2:4)

Light-fastness and weather resistance

Artificial weathering

Rating ≥4 (ENISO4892-2 3000h)

UV-light resistance

Rating ≥4 (ENISO4892-2 1500h)

Fire classification

Reaction to fire (on request)

Euroclass Bs1-d0 (EN13501-1)

Release of formaldehyde

Class E1

Factory Production Control (FPC)

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001